The College Virtual Private Network (VPN) server is used to gain access to college resources when you are not on campus. This mainly includes the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and network drives. You do not need VPN access to get your email or to log in to Brightspace.

VPN Connections are supported by the main ITS Department. You can contact them at (613) 727-4723 x5555 or at

Here is a link to their instruction page for your reference.

Your college account must be added to the list of authorized VPN users.  Go to the website and login with your college username and password (you can verify your username and password by logging in to your email at  

If you are positive that you are using the correct username and password but are getting this message, it means your account does not have access to the VPN server.  Please ask your teacher or coordinator to request ITS add you to the list.

Once you are logged in to you will be asked to configure 5 security questions. These are important so remember your answers.

You will be asked right away to answer 3 of the questions you just entered.

Now that you have successfully logged in you have a choice between using an E-Grid Card or a Soft Token for your Mobile Phone.  The two sections below will cover the two options (you only need one of them).

E-Grid Cards Option #1

This option will get you a password protected PDF file that provides a code used as a second password when you connect to VPN.  Select the "I'd like to request an E-Grid card" option above.  Click Yes.

Create a password for the PDF document that you will download in a moment.

Choose to have you E-Grid card emailed to you or download it now.

Skip over the Mobile Phone Option and continue on to "Installing the VPN Client" at the bottom of this document.

Soft Token for Mobile Phone Option #2

This option will install an App on your phone that will provide you a random code when needed.  Select the "I'd like to request a soft token for my mobile phone" above.  Click Yes.

Download the Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile application onto your mobile phone (search for it in the App Store).  Once you have it installed click Yes.

Select the first option "I want to activate a soft token identity on a mobile phone" and Click Next.

On your phone open the Entrust Identity Guard App and click the QR symbol in the lower left side.  Use your camera to scan the QR code displayed on your computer.

Enter the Name "Algonquin College" into your phone and touch Activate.

Entrust requires you to protect their application with a PIN number.  Enter one now that you will remember.

You will be given a Registration Code on your phone.  Enter it into the selfservice website on your computer.

You have finished installing Entrust onto your phone.

Installing the VPN Client

You have Successfully Set Up Your College VPN Account. You now have to install the VPN Client on your laptop.

For Windows go to -

For Macintosh go to -